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Additional Feline Services

Additional Services

If your cat is staying with us for a few days or even just for the night, we can help make their stay even more enjoyable. You can choose from the following options to give your kitty a boarding experience that goes above and beyond.

  • Treat Time - Gourmet canned food
  • AM & PM Roaming - Roaming and attention from our dedicated staff
  • Extra TLC - One-on-one quality time or toy play with a staff member
  • Catnip - A generous sprinkle of catnip for your cat’s enjoyment
  • Nail Trim - Cats can be destructive, keeping their nails trimmed will save your furniture and save you from scratches.

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New Patients Welcome

South Mesa Veterinary Hospital is accepting new patients to our veterinary hospital! Our team is passionate about the health of Fort Collins pets. Reach out today to book your pet's first appointment.

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