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Our Fort Collins pet boarding facility can take care of your dog or cats needs while you are away, with a variety of kennel sizes, large viewing windows, spacious cat condos, and special care for senior pets.

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Overnight Cat & Dog Boarding in Fort Collins

Leaving your pet behind when you are out of town can be incredibly stressful. Our pet boarding facility features all the amenities that your pet can enjoy while they wait for your return.

From sizable kennels and personal indoor space to one and two-bedroom cat condos, your furry friends will enjoy every moment of their stay with us.

Reservations are required for all boarding stays. Please call our office to book your pet’s stay today! Our hours are set to ensure “quiet time” for the kennel, creating a calm environment for your pet.

Drop Off and Pick up Times
Mon - Saturday:  8:00 am - 11:00 am and 3:00 - 5:30 pm
Sun: 9:00 am - 11:00 am and 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm (by appointment only)

Medical Pet Boarding for Cats & Dogs, Fort Collins Vet

Dog Boarding

We offer a variety of boarding options, as well as supplementary services, to create a custom boarding experience that works for both you and your dog.

All Pups Welcome

Suitable for fun-loving pups who like a little excitement in life! With a variety of kennel sizes to accommodate the tiniest Chihuahua or the largest Great Dane, single dogs or families can enjoy this traditional, recently updated facility.

Spacious Kennels

Each dog or family will have a personal indoor space complete with 24/7 bedding and water. During the day, there is open access to the attached outdoor covered patio to potty, lay in the sun, or visit the neighbors through the fence.

Daily Care & Amenities

Every day ends with a wellness tuck-in to ensure a great night’s sleep and a comfortable stay.  Please see our list of additional amenities to make your dog’s stay the best yet!

Small Dog Paradise

Suitable for small breed dogs and young puppies who crave luxury accommodations while away from home. These second-story suites boast tiled walls and windowed doors to make spying on a neighbor or watching meal prep a breeze.

Our base boarding fee includes 4 outside potty times and nightly wellness tuck-ins.
Warm, Cozy Climate

Speaking of breeze, did we mention the garage doors that can be opened to let the warm Colorado sunshine in on a nice day? With a nice comfortable cot to snuggle on and spacious outdoor and indoor spaces to play with friends, dogs, or humans, the suites are sure to make your small dog enjoy staying with us.

Nightly Tuck-ins

And to wrap up an eventful day, a wellness tuck-in occurs every night to ensure a great night’s sleep and comfortable stay. 

*Be sure to ask what our special requirements are for puppies under the age of 16 weeks​

Special Accommodations

Reserved for pets with medical needs ONLY, including those with diabetes.

Our base boarding fee includes 4 outside potty times, extra attention from staff, and nightly wellness tuck-ins.

The boarding level and cost will be based on your pet’s needs and medical requirements.

Additional Services

During your dog's stay with us, we can offer them special accommodations to make their time here more enjoyable and leave here looking and feeling their best. Here are the special services your dog can enjoy:

  • Treat Time - Kong toy filled with your choice of wet food or peanut butter.
  • Let's Play Fetch - Supervised playtime in our spacious fenced, grassy yards.
  • Play and Stay - Your dog can enjoy their regular day(s) of daycare with friends while they're staying in boarding overnight. Limited to CURRENT daycare clients ONLY.
  • Nail Trim - Keeping your dog's nails trimmed will save your floors and their joints.
  • Boarding Bath - Includes nail trim. Based on coat and temperament; heavily shedding/matted dogs are ineligible.

*We require at least one playtime per 7 days of boarding

Cat Boarding

Different cats have different needs. Choose a combination of boarding and supplementary services below that will best suit your unique feline companion. 

Privacy For Single Kitties

Suitable for a single cat with an eye for privacy and modern style.

Comfortable Accommodations

This spacious one-bedroom, one-bath condo comes with 24/7 water and bedding, daily maid service, and room service up to three times a day.

A View They Will Love

Your cat will love to lay in the sun as it shines into the living room which includes a shelf for a better view of the neighbors.

Getting Ready For Bed

Every day ends with a wellness tuck-in to ensure a great night’s sleep and a comfortable stay.

A shared Apartment

Suitable for families of up to 3 cats who like to spend time with one another but also love time to kick back and relax in a private area.

Spacious Condos

This two-bedroom, two-bath condo boasts the same amenities as our Studio. The two living rooms include shelves for ample pouncing, leaping, and napping with or without other members of the family.

Bed Time Ritual

Every day ends with a wellness tuck-in to ensure a great night’s sleep and a comfortable stay.

Additional Services

If your cat is staying with us for a few days or even just for the night, we can help make their stay even more enjoyable. You can choose from the following options to give your kitty a boarding experience that goes above and beyond.

  • Treat Time - Gourmet canned food
  • Catnip - A generous sprinkle of catnip for your cat’s enjoyment
  • Nail Trim - Cats can be destructive, keeping their nails trimmed will save your furniture and save you from scratches.
  • Brushing - You cat will look and feel their best after a thorough brushing.

Online Check In Forms

Fill out the following forms (as required) ahead of your pet's boarding stay. Forms can be filled out online. Please call us to have the necessary forms sent to you.

Daycare & Boarding Agreement (Downloadable)
Puppy Boarding & Daycare DDC Requirements (Downloadable)

Pet Boarding Requirements

Please review the following boarding requirements to prepare for your pet's stay.

  • Drop Off, Pickup, & Fees

    You are charged for the day you drop off your pet(s), regardless of the time of day they arrive. Pets picked up before 11 AM are not charged for the day they leave.

    As a courtesy and convenience to our clients, we offer  8-11 AM drop-offs and pick-ups on Saturdays and 5-7 PM pick-ups on Sundays. Please note – Pets picked up on Sunday evening ARE charged for Sunday.

    Pets professionally groomed on their last day of their stay will not be charged for that full day of boarding. Please call to schedule your pet’s appointment ahead of time.

  • Vaccine Requirements

    Owner must provide proof that their animal has been recently vaccinated by a veterinarian for the following vaccines:

    Dogs: Rabies, Distemper/Parvo. Bordetella, Leptospirosis, Influenza.

    Puppies: Must be 12 weeks and older, have been in the home for a minimum of 10 days, have at least one distemper/parvovirus vaccine 7 days prior to boarding, have a bordetella vaccine 7 days prior to boarding, and have a negative fecal test and a negative parvo snap test prior to boarding drop off.

    Cats: Rabies, Distemper/Upper Respiratory Combo.

  • Special Needs & Senior Pets

    All pets over the age of 10 or those with medical conditions MUST be pre-approved for boarding.

    We recommend that you make plans for your special needs/senior pets minimally two weeks prior to your dates of travel so that we can screen them accordingly to make sure that we can accommodate your boarding needs. Please contact us directly to start the screening process for your pet.

  • Feeding

    We will gladly feed your pet their own diet (if provided) for no charge.

    We can also provide our food, Purina Pro Plan Gastrointestinal Low Fat (EN), at no charge. If your pet has food allergies/sensitivities, please provide an alternative type of food (i.e. canned food) in case your pet won’t eat their regular food.

  • Medications

    Medications MUST be in original packaging/bottle with the correct dosage, per the Colorado Department of Agriculture regulations. Ziploc bags, pillboxes, pre-filled Pill Pockets, or medications mixed in with food WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Medications that are not in original packaging can be refilled by our veterinarian at full price.

  • Pet Belongings

    We provide comfortable bedding for the pets in our care free of charge. However, you are welcome to bring your pets’ own supplies. Please refer to the following guidelines when packing for your pet:

    Bedding must be fully washable in case it gets soiled (no beds larger than what will fit in a standard washing machine).

    Toys must be larger than 4”x4” – we do not allow pig ears or hoofs.

    Food must be in a sealable, waterproof container. We do not accept large bags of food, paper or grocery bags. Ziploc bags, Tupperware, and Rubbermaid bins are good options to keep food fresh and dry.

    Medications must be in the original, labeled bottle or packaging with the correct dosage.

    If your pet does not eat the food that you provide, we will attempt to get them to eat one of our products. If you think your pet might not eat and you do not want them eat our products, please provide a backup (e.g., canned food, etc).

Pet Boarding Checklist

Reservations are required for boarding. Contact us to reserve a spot for your pet.

 Verify that all necessary vaccinations are up to date (Rabies, DHPP, and 6-month Bordetella) – vaccinations may be updated while boarding. Have copies of veterinary proof of updated vaccinations if your pet is not a South Mesa client.

Communicate any health, medical or behavioral concerns with your pet prior to dropping off to board. Certain medical conditions may require a pre-boarding exam and may require your pet to board in special needs – give us the heads up so we can provide appropriate care.

Pack dog food in sealable waterproof containers (No paper bags of food please!)

All medications must come in the original prescription bottle with a veterinary label and instructions. Label needs to provide accurate dosing instructions.

Pack dog bed (optional–we have blankies!). The bed must be washable and fit into a standard machine. Remember that beds may be destroyed by your pet while boarding.

Pack personal effects: toys, treats, etc. Toys may be destroyed while boarding…. Avoid bringing toys with sentimental value if it will be a problem if they don’t return home.

New Patients Welcome

South Mesa Veterinary Hospital is accepting new patients to our veterinary hospital! Our team is passionate about the health of Fort Collins pets. Reach out today to book your pet's first appointment.

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