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Dog & Puppy Training

Training your dog will not only help them become a well-mannered pup, but it will also help build a bond with your dog for life. Our knowledgeable Fort Collins staff can help you grow that connection through our training programs.

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Come-Play-Stay Dog Training

At Come-Play-Stay! we feel that dog training is the key to promoting and creating healthy and happy relationships between dogs and their humans.

Our goal is to offer the very best reward-based training classes available and understand that classes are only as good as the instructors that teach them!

We have compiled a training team of highly skilled and credentialed instructors. Each of our instructors participates in ongoing education to ensure that we are offering the newest and most effective training techniques available today.

Dog Training Registration Form

Puppy Training Registration Form

Training Options

While most obedience classes focus on teaching commands developed for formal obedience competition, we know this is not the core of making a dog easy to live with.

While it might be nice that your dog knows a formal retrieve; it will not stop him from charging out the front door, dragging you down the block, and jumping on your guests. Come-Play-Stay! prides itself on providing a diversified training program with a curriculum geared for real life. Our series of classes are fast-paced, value-packed, and will guide you and your dog on a journey to good behavior and a great relationship.

Get Your Puppies Socialization Done Right

You no longer have to wait to get started on your puppy’s vital socialization & learning. Register for Come-Play-Stay’s ongoing admission to One Smart Puppy Class. Our flexible puppy training classes are ongoing and cover specific topics that run on a four-week rotation. You and your puppy can register to start the puppy classes as soon as your pup has been in the home for 10 days, is between 8-18 weeks of age, and is current on vaccinations for their age.

Each 60-minute class will cover a specific topic(s), and sprinkle in positive puppy romp and roll time and training cues such as; sit, down, come, attention behaviors, leash manners, etc. The ongoing start encourages a rotating group, providing optimum socialization to new people and dogs while in a safe and positive learning environment.


Due to Covid-19, class size is limited to 6 pups and only one person per pup. To maintain restricted class numbers, participants must register in advance for specific dates and only attend on the dates they have been registered for. We are encouraging people to try to register for consecutive weeks, if possible, so we can accommodate as many requests as possible.

Smart Dog 1 Features

A 5-week program – $150.00 – limit of 8 students/dogs. The program is designed for dogs 4 months old and older. Smart Dog One covers an extensive introduction to positive techniques and the proper application of such techniques. The focus of this class includes:

  • Impulse control
  • Relationship development
  • Attention and focus
  • Basics (sit/down/leave it/leash manners etc.)
  • How to deal with problem behaviors (jumping up, barking, begging, etc.)

Smart Dog 2 Features

A slightly more advanced 4-week program – $120.00 – limit 8 students/dogs – Your dog must have taken Smart Dog One as this program expands on the knowledge gained in the previous course and adds additional vital learning:

  • Advanced attention work
  • Loose leash walking
  • Go to your mat
  • Stays
  • Distance Behaviors
Smart Dog 3 Features

The highest level of our training program, completed in 4 weeks – $160 – limit 6 students/dogs. Your dog must have completed Smart Dog Two.

Smart Dog Three is an innovative, four-week field trip class.  Each week students will meet their instructor at a different location so they can work on real-life situations with the guidance of a skilled trainer.  These classes are limited to 6 students to ensure that every dog and student gets the individual attention that they need – this class is a must for every person that wants a dog that they can take along with them.  This class focuses on:

  • Attention with high distraction
  • Leash manners in the real world
  • Meeting people and dogs on the street
  • Trail Manners
  • Stays in public
  • And much more!

We are always working to create innovative, useful classes for people and their dogs at Come-Play-Stay!


Reliable Recall

6 weeks - $180.00 – Includes mandatory Intro Lecture

An innovative class that builds and develops a brilliant recall through games play and relationship building – This is a must-have class to aim toward off-leash adventures with your dogs!


5 weeks - $150.00

Are you seeking a fun and innovative way to improve your dog’s training and focus while improving your relationship in a fun and rewarding way? Then Tricks-n-Games is for you and you and your dog! You’ll be surprised by the amazing things your dog will learn… We’re talking Hollywood baby! (Participants must be Smart Dog One Graduates, or have instructor approval.)

Therapy Dog

5 weeks - $150.00

This class will guide you on the journey to sharing your dog with others as a therapy dog. The class is geared to prepare you and your dog to be able to pass the necessary evaluation to become a working team. The class covers training skills and also incorporates thorough education to help you better understand your dog – to ensure that they benefit from the work as well. This class was developed and is instructed by Ashley Foster CBCC-KA who was the trainer and coordinator for a nationally recognized therapy dog program for 10 years. (Participants must have completed Smart Dog One or have instructor approval).

Training Rules & FAQs

Every aspect of our puppy and dog training programs is based on making the safest and most positive experience for your pet.

  • How old must my puppy be to attend training?

    Puppies must be between 8 and 18 weeks of age and must be 14 weeks and younger when registering for classes.

  • Does my dog need to be vaccinated to participate in training?

    Puppy Class Participants must have received an 8- or 9-week puppy vaccination for DHPP and Bordetella one week before the start of class participation. All dogs must stay up to date on vaccination for their age for the duration of their training class and have been in your home for at least 10 days.

  • What should my dog's health status be to participate in training?

    Every dog must be in good health when they arrive at Come-Play-Stay! If your dog has experienced any bouts of vomiting or diarrhea, it must be clear of all symptoms for three days before returning to classes. Any dog that has had to be treated for anything contagious may not return to class until cleared by its veterinarian. We ask that people be very conscious of this request as we are doing all that we can to keep the dogs we train happy and healthy.

  • Are there any precautionary restrictions for puppies?

    Please DO NOT take your puppy to dog parks while you are enrolled in our puppy services. With the high number of unknown dogs (with unknown vaccination histories) these high concentration dog areas can be potentially risky for a puppy’s health. Until your pup’s immunity is mature (all sets of vaccinations completed including rabies) the dog park should be avoided. Talk to your trainer for recommendations on safe socialization opportunities.

  • What is “ethical” dog training?

    We have committed to ethical and effective dog training.

    We define ethical dog training as methods that do not make use of pain, fear, intimidation, or dominance theory. The main means of motivation used in our training classes is positive reinforcement which means that your dog receives something she wants (treat, toy, praise) when she does something you want.

    The only punishment or “correction” used is the removal of the stuff your dog likes (food, toys, social interaction) when she does something you don’t want.

  • How effective is ethical dog training?

    In a word, extremely! When properly executed our ethical training methods produce a dog that is ready and willing to obey because he wants to, not because he is afraid not to. Dogs trained in this manner make lovely companions, as they listen to commands and choose not to engage in unwanted behavior. “Positive, not permissive” is a good description of what we teach at Come-Play-Stay!

  • What does “operant” mean?

    We have a passion for teaching what we call the “operant” dog.

    The term operant describes an animal that understands its behavior has consequences. We like to allow dogs to make choices so that we can then follow up those choices with either a reward or a lack of reward.

    Through this process what is achieved is a dog that is never afraid to make a choice or try something new, and a dog that chooses not to engage in behavior that has not been rewarded in the past. This makes for a dog that understands how to interact with people and their environment without you having to constantly nag them to do what you want.

    If you have any questions please email us. 

  • What sort of equipment should I bring to my dog's training classes?

    These pieces of equipment are not required but are recommended: front-clip harnesses (SENSE-ation brand), headcollars (Gentle Leader brand), flat buckle collars/quick-release collars, and martingale or limited-slip collars. Please use a fixed-length leash.

  • Is there any equipment I should not bring to training?

    Because of our commitment to ethics in dog training, we ask that all students refrain from the use of the following punitive equipment; choke collars (of any material, chain, leather, nylon, you name it), prong/pinch collars (of any size, material, or design), and electronic collars (remote or bark).

  • Anything else I should know?

    All classes at Come-Play-Stay! are POSITIVE and REWARD-BASED. This means we will not use, nor allow, physical corrections, harsh verbal corrections, or any type of corrective equipment – NO PRONG, SHOCK, OR CHOKE COLLARS allowed. If you have questions about training equipment please speak to an instructor.

    Being reward-based we will utilize clicker training and treats in all classes. Make sure to bring an ample supply of soft, smelly treats for your puppy and bring a variety so your pup does not get bored – No kibble or crunchy treats! It is also important to bring a hungry puppy to class, so they have room to eat treats.

    Due to Covid-19, class sizes are limited to only 6 puppies and one person can attend per pup. You must specify the dates that you will attend the class when you register for the class – no refunds for no shows. Give us a call to register for the class and reserve the specific dates that you will attend in advance.

About Our Trainers

Our experienced, dedicated trainers provide positive, reward-based training for dogs of all ages, backgrounds, and behavioral profiles. 

It's their mission to help dogs live their best, safest, happiest lives, and enjoy good communication, trust, and mutual respect with their owners.

Ashley Foster, B.S., CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA

Mrs. Foster is a Certified Behavior Consultant Canine and Certified Pet Dog Trainer-Knowledge Accessed. She has been training dogs professionally since 1994.

Monica Grimm, B.S.

Ms. Grimm is as a Group Instructor and Associate Consultant with Dogs by Foster in Fort Collins. She started shadowing Ashley Foster in 2015.

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